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About Us

Divine Voice, Inc. does not only publish Divine Voice Magazine and CROWNZ Magazine, but is also a full service Campaign Firm specializing in Public Relations, Marketing, Branding and Media & Event Production. We mesh the worlds of entertainment, advertising, marketing, and media together for a unique brand exposure experience.Our team of experts is immersed in current culture trends appealing to the 18-54 year old global multicultural demographic in today’s digital consumer society. Divine Voice identifies effective ways of communicating with our clients’ core demographics that captures their attention. We live and breathe all areas of today’s entertainment culture in addition to both high-end fashion to street wear apparel. Through strategic public positioning , Divine Voice seamlessly weaves your brand into niche markets that allow you to connect directly with your desired consumers.

 Divine Voice was a vision from the name of the magazine. It came from a divine voice, and there’s only one Divine Voice. As Lyanta’ Tomlin was listening the vision was being played in his mind. Originating as a newspaper the idea to “step-up” to a magazine was finally decided, and brought into existence in the beginning of 2013. After the decision of going from a newspaper to a magazine was made, then along came the decision for Lyanta’ to make it an online magazine as well as a print magazine. Divine Voice began to quickly grow and went from just a local magazine to a nationally distributed magazine. With the different types of subjects dicussed and sections in this magazine there isn’t anything like it in the industry.

Divine Voice is the largest and only Christian Lifestyle Magazine on a mainstream level in print which includes sections from FASHION, ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT, FILM/TV, BEAUTY, HAIR, HEALTH, BUSINESS, MUSIC, and of course CELEBRITY interviews with much more. Just recently we have celebrated our new extended national distribution which includes WALMART, KROGER, PUBLIX, FOOD LION, KMART, HARRIS TEETER, BOOKS A MILLION, and MORE. Divine Voice is going to continue to be the magazine that is always giving inspiration that is directed to all walks of life.

Mission Statement

The Divine Voice Magazine is to inspire and act a responsible voice that promotes positive living for not only people of faith, but also those influenced by a positive lifestyle that don’t have a platform for their voice to be heard. The Divine Voice Magazine will continue to remain current with today’s issues, events, and technology without sacrificing moral integrity.